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Comedy College How To Handbook

Introduction –

The esteemed author E.B. White once wrote, “Dissecting humor is like dissecting a frog, both die in the process.” I have always thought that quote was a load of malarkey. Every single book on comedy that I have ever read, however has included this quote. Just to prove to all the scholars and critics, prognosticators and pundants that I have done my research, I have included it as well. Comedy doesn’t need to die when dissected. It all depends on the skill of the surgeon holding the scalpel.


Comedy is a skill, like welding, carpentry, or plumbing. Through careful study and practice over a number of years, almost anyone can reach the level of master craftsman. As in any science, there are certain fundamentals, formulas, and rules. Comedy, however, is not an exact science. Humor is subjective. One person may find a particular joke hysterical; another will groan at it. Any book that pretends to be the “be all, end all” tome on comedy is really misleading its reader.

Still, if someone were truly interested in learning this craft, careful study of the masters reveals a multitude of common techniques that every great comedian employs. This book is a study of these ideas and techniques. Keep in mind, however, there is no quick fix. Granted, there are a few comedians who have achieved success while flying in the face of every comedy convention. But for the beginner, this book should go a long way in shedding light on the mysterious science called comedy.

The Class That Started It All

Gavin Jerome’s Comedy College

Down to my last dime, I put together this book so I would have something to sell after my speech at the National Toastmaster’s Conference in San Antonio, Texas.  Armed with my comb bound, Kinko’s printed first edition I nervously set up my table. If nobody bought my book, I had didn’t even have gas money in my pocket to get me home.

Just of few of the items available

Gavin Jerome’s Bookshelf and Courseware

Comedy College Handbook

Humor Instruction

A step by step guide designed to teach the read how to be funnier. Learn joke writing, joke telling and improve your sense of humor.

Life Lessons

Self Help

When the going gets tough, the tough go to the movies. Selp Help tips and motivation from well loved scenes from the silver screen.

Donkey Proof Poker

Poker Instruction

Texas Hold ‘Em poker is all the rage. Learn tips and strategies so you can play the RIGHT way, win money and not be the donkey at the table.

Scripture Shuffler System

Bible Study

A fast, fun way to be in the Word everyday. This unique Bible study system helps you hear the word of the Lord and makes faith fun.

Hot Off the Presses!

Short articles and stories appearing in different places and publications

Gama Internation Journal is a leading trade publication for the insurance industry. Getting accepted to write for them is EXTREMELY difficult and I was lucky to have my humor in the workplace article in one of their publications.


The Cancer Club was a monthly newsletter with a HUGE subscriber base. It was the brainchild of friend and speaking colleague Christine Clifford. This piece was written about a time I volunteered for the Cancer Connection, a summer camp for kids suffering from this horrible disease.


I speak frequently to many associations who invite me to write for their in house newsletters and publications. This article spawned an entire speaking program and new book soon to be published called The Chaos Culture.


Kiwanis International constructs baseball diamonds for special needs kids all over the world and I had several opportunites to volunteer in the past. What follows are two different articles about my experiences.

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